The theoretical training provided in the first half of the year is supplemented by an internship in an establishment (bank, insurance, software company, etc.) with an activity directly related to the financial markets. This internship allows the theoretical elements acquired by the student to be confronted with the realities of the markets.

These internships take place from April to September under the supervision of a internship supervisor, generally a member of a research and development unit, in conjunction with a university correspondent in the teaching team involved in the “Probability & Finance” Master’s program.

They give rise to the writing of a memoire and a defense, in the presence of a jury composed of the internship supervisor, the university correspondent and, if possible, another teacher of the Master.

The oral presentations take place in the second half of September, generally in the third week of the month.

Every Friday from the beginning of October until March, a company presentation seminar is held in the late afternoon. This seminar accompanies the “Probability & Finance” speciality of the Master’s program and welcomes our internship students. These companies have the opportunity to present their institution, the research unit and to detail their internship proposals.