Taxe d'apprentissage

The Laboratoire de Probabilités Statistiques et Modélisation (UMR 8001) is entitled to collect the apprenticeship tax (category “executives”) for the benefit of the “Probabilités et finance” Speciality of the Master “Mathématiques et applications” of Sorbonne Université.

Such payments make it possible to considerably improve the quality of our teaching, in particular by increasing the computer and documentary resources available to students and by allowing the implementation of courses with a professionalizing vocation.

If you wish to make us benefit from an Apprenticeship Tax payment, you must go through, since January 1, 2006, an OCTA (Organisme Collecteur de la Taxe d’Apprentissage). You must indicate on the form of your OCTA as the beneficiary (of the so-called “over-quota” part, categories “B” and “C” by cumulation):

  • Code UAI : 0755890V
  • Formation : Master Mathématiques et applications
  • Directeur : Fabrice Bethuel
  • Type de diplôme : Master Probabilités & Finance

If the form does not correspond to these denominations, in any case clearly indicate “Master” and “Probabilités et Finance”.

At the same time, please download the form, fill it out and send it back to us at the above address, to inform us of your payment.

For any further information, you can contact the Head of the “Probabilités et finance” Speciality:

Gilles PAGES

We thank you in advance for your help in this way.

We would like to thank the following companies for their support of the master :