Blockchains: from the launch of Bitcoin to today. Fintechs: presentations and opportunities

S. Choukroun

The course will cover the following points in 2-hour sessions:

  1. Presentation of the Bitcoin blockchain and its ecosystem, and of projects for tokenisation of assets by blockchain. Brief presentation of the Segregated Witness, Lightning Network and Confidential Transactions projects.

  2. Presentation of the Ethereum blockchain and the gas system underlying its smart contracts. Presentation of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). Brief mention of the MAST and Rootstock projects.

  3. Presentation of Ledger, which specialises in securing cryptocurrencies for individuals and hedge funds, as well as other fintechs

  4. Presentation of projects from banks, insurance companies and fund managers

  5. Presentation of the Napoleon X ICO. Presentation of the concept of distributed consensus underlying each blockchain and definitions of fork categories (soft fork, hard fork, UASF).