The Alumni book lists all students registered in the theme (or previously in the DEA) “Probability & Finance” who have graduated (DEA Probability & Applications until 2004, Master from 2005). It includes the last known professional contact details of each graduate of the program. The date on which the information provided was last updated appears in each personal data sheet.

The Alumni book is available online and in paper form. The 2021 edition including the 2020 graduates is available since May 8, 2021. In the paper version: a list of our professional partners and a double classification, in alphabetical order and by promotion.

The electronic access to the Alumni book is currently reserved to

  • companies that make our Master benefit from an Apprenticeship Tax remittance (1 access)
  • students of a promotion until December 31 following their graduation.

A paper version of the yearbook - laser-printed paperback - is available for sale. Access to the online directory will then be available for one year. The rates are as follows

Former students : 44 Euros incl. tax. Others : 440 Euros incl. tax. To order, you just have to send to the secretariat

LPSM, Campus Pierre et Marie Curie, Sorbonne Université Sciences
Tour 16-26, Etage 1, Bureau 04
BC 158
4, place Jussieu
75252, PARIS cedex 05

a letter mentioning “Annuaire Anciens Probabilités & Finance”, accompanied by a check payable to the Accountant of the University of Sorbonne Université and your postal and e-mail addresses. You will receive within two weeks a paper copy (paperback) of the 2011 edition of the Alumni book and an online access code.

In order for the Alumni book to live up to its reputation and provide all the services you have a right to expect from it, it must be constantly updated. To this end, a short questionnaire is sent each year by e-mail to all former graduates of the “Probability and Finance” program listed in the directory so that they can update their situation if necessary. You can also inform us of any change in your professional situation by sending an e-mail spontaneously to the following address

under the title

ModifAnnu_Promo_Name (ex: ModifAnnu_Martin_97)

You benefit, in accordance with the french legislation in force (art. 34, loi «Informatique et Libertés» du 6 janvier 1978) of a right of access, rectification and deletion of data concerning you.